adhesiveVENTpads for sensors

Do you want to improve the reliability and durability of your products?

Do you face the challenge of protecting the electronics inside your devices from moisture and foreign particles?

Our self-adhesive VENTpads provide constant airflow while retaining moisture and foreign particles. They're also compatible with IP ratings and have been proven in battery systems, sensors, actuators, control cabinets and many other applications. 

Our specially designed superhydrophobic TRAKETCH filter membranes are shaped like a round disk, covered with a double-sided adhesive ring, and then mounted on a backing film. When you apply this membrane over the opening of an enclosure, the reliability and life of your product is greatly improved. With our high performance adhesive, our membranes can adhere to almost any surface. Our colleague Sven Erik Sandvoß is available to provide expert advice on your individual application. You can also request free samples of our products, available in six different sizes, to conduct your own testing procedures.

Say goodbye to the challenge of protecting your sensors and products. Try our adhesiveVENTpads today and experience the difference for yourself!