Allrounder for gas and liquid filtration in medical, sensitive electronics, cell culture and further applications

In medical technology, laboratory environments or where there is the need for highly sensitive electronic components – track-etched membranes made by SABEU are the innovative solution for venting, pressure compensation, filtration and much more.

The surface of our PFOA-free ion-track membranes are extremely smooth and can also be further refined with hydrophobic and oleophobic surface properties. As a result, requirements such as splash and drip water protection can also be easily realized with our track-etched membranes. In the hydrophilic version our microporous membranes are suitable for example for the filtration of fuels or for cell culture applications.

What else characterizes SABEU's track-etched membranes? Unlike most other membranes, their pore size in micrometer can precisely be defined. The variability of pore diameters is also significantly lower than with other membranes. That’s why our track-etched membranes are suitable for a wide range of applications, for example for detecting pathogens such as legionella, for cultivating human cells in the laboratory, or for protecting sensitive electronic components in e-bikes.

Another important point is that each application designed with the TRAKETCH® microporous membrane is completely produced in-house: from product development and manufacturing to surface finishing, assembly and packaging. We continuously quality control the air flow in-line with our manufacturing process as an indirect measurement of the pore size. Our attention to details helps us to standout – Our monitoring guarantees high quality and consistent products, that are precise and tailored to your unique need!

TRAKETCH® Benefits
at a glance

  • Microporous membrane with precisely defined pore diameters
  • Extremely smooth surface and high thermal stability
  • Suitable for further processing (hydrophilic, hydrophobic, oleophobic, TC treated, coloring)
  • PFOA-free
  • FDA and EU food compliant
  • 100% in-line quality control
  • USP Class VI biocompatibility
  • Sterilizable (autoclave, e-beam, EtO and gamma)
  • Supportable (nonwoven reinforcement)
  • Convertible (discs, sheets, rolls)

TRAKETCH® Membranes in use

Human cell cultivation

TRAKETCH® ion-track membranes are used for cultivating lung cells and tissue. Unlike membranes with a sponge-like structure, they do not let cells sink into the material and adhere to pores but grow where they are supposed to: on the extremely smooth surface of our microporous membranes. Without causing damage the tissue can be easily peeled off for inspection or further use. This principle is also beneficial for cultivating skin cells that are used in transplantations. Another field of application is within the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries where skin models grown on track-etched membranes can partially substitute ethically controversial animal experiments. More >

Automotive venting

The aim for automotive OEMs using sensitive electronic and other complex components is to increase their lifespan. TRAKETCH® ion-track membranes have IP ratings of 67 or 68 (International Protection, also known as Ingress Protection) and with their exactly defined pores, they became an ideal protection by retaining liquids and particles for these mechanical and electrical components. In parallel the oleophobic membrane surface allows these components high resistance to environmental impacts. More >

Protection of sensitive electronics

The uniformly sized pore channels of the TRAKETCH® ion-track membranes possess a uniformly air flow in comparison to other membranes. At the same time, track-etched membranes are not only hydrophobic, but also oleophobic. Consequently, not only water but also other fluids are being repelled. These properties are important for protecting sensitive equipment which operate under all weather and humidity conditions and need to be protected from particles and remain permeable to air at the same time. More >

Patient and medical equipment protection

TRAKETCH® Venting Membranes have unsurpassed pore accuracy for sterile venting. They ensure biocompatibility and are FDA compliant. Our microporous membranes are ultra clean, PFOA-free, non-shedding, with no leachables and extractables. Therefore, they are particularly suitable as single use components which need to protect medical equipment and patients. Examples are spike vents, hearing devices, ostomy bags, transducer protectors and IV sets. More >

Legionella detection

Larger-scale buildings using high volume of heated water are at risk of legionella growth. Inhaling these bacteria, for example with the steam when taking a shower, may cause pneumonia. In many countries the concentration of legionellae in the provided heated water in public buildings like hospitals and hotels is supposed not to exceed certain legal limits. We have developed special track-etched membranes for legionella detection.

Liquid drug filtration

Microporous membranes prevent particles or bacteria from entering the body. This increases patient safety, reduces hospital stays and contributes to cost efficiency in hospitals. Since there are no fibre shedding PFOA-free track-etched membranes made by SABEU are ideally suited to be used for infusion and drug delivery systems.

Customer voice

bioMérieux SA

"SABEU has proven to be an excellent OEM partner in providing useful and reliable solutions to the development and manufacturing of sophisticated and complex disposables. Throughout all project and product life-cycle phases we are very pleased with SABEU’s great know-how and expertise in plastics and membrane technologies that are essential for our microbiological testing systems."

DuPont de Nemours, Inc.

“The SABEU team was really great to work with. They brought their deep knowledge and insights to the design and worked hard to incorporate our ideas and constraints into a filter that met all our targets. Their communication, professionalism and problem solving ability was on display every step of the way.”


"In our partnership with SABEU, we appreciate their solution-oriented approach of the highly qualified team. They are proactive and consistent with high quality standards, enabling swift and timely realization of our projects and requests.

Smart Battery Solutions GmbH

"We are impressed with the proactive and comprehensive consultation, based on a holistic approach ensuring a smooth process and quality products. We are greeted with timely responses and always meet set timelines.“

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