Venting and pressure compensation elements

With TRAKETCH® venting and pressure compensation elements from SABEU, everything keeps the balance. Whether it's pressure compensation in containers with gaseous liquids, the ideal venting solution for sensitive electronics or sterile applications – TRAKETCH® has the answer.

Improve your product or increase its safety and lifespan with these innovative solutions!


Self-adhesive pressure compensation elements including TRAKETCH® membranes are already available in 6 standard and further customized sizes

Degassing Inserts

Pressure compensation membranes in our FLUXX® Degassing Inserts ensure continuous venting in for example various containers

Vented Caps

Our FLUXX® Vented Caps safely seal containers and at the same time ensure continuous venting using the integrated membranes

Tailor-made TRAKETCH® solutions as OEM-supplier