adhesiveVENTpads for electric personal care products

From personal use to professional dental care – TRACKETCH®'s adhesiveVENTpads will be also found here as well >

From personal use to professional dental care, our adhesiveVENTpads are the solution to ensure optimal performance, durability and user safety for electric toothbrushes. Let us highlight the key advantages:

  • Moisture and protection: Our adhesiveVENTpads protect the toothbrush's sensitive components from moisture and foreign particles.
  • Efficient air exchange: Keeps the toothbrush cool even during extended use or charging process. No overheating issues which guarantees a long product shelf life.
  • User safety: Our adhesiveVENTpads prevent short-circuits and potential hazards – your safety is our priority.

By incorporating TRAKETCH®'s adhesiveVENTpads, you can enhance your product quality and maintain long-lasting protection and reliability of your products.

TRAKETCH®'s adhesiveVENTpads >