adhesiveVENTpads for diabetes care

Insulin pumps are life-saving devices which should be protected with our adhesiveVENTpads.

Insulin pumps are life-saving devices that help people with diabetes manage their condition by delivering precise doses of insulin throughout the day. However, these pumps can be prone to failure due to exposure to moisture, which can cause significant problems for patients.

That's where TRAKETCH® adhesiveVENTpads come in! Our adhesiveVENTpads feature a unique design that includes a membrane regulating airflow in and out of the insulin pump's battery compartment and ensures that the pump functions reliably. The precise airflow rate provided by the membrane also extends the battery life of the pump, reducing the need for frequent replacements and associated costs. Additionally, our adhesiveVENTpads create an excellent barrier against moisture and protect the insulin pump's inner workings from sweat, water, and other fluids.

TRAKETCH® adhesiveVENTpads provide insulin pump manufacturers with a reliable and effective solution to improve their devices' safety, reliability, and functionality. Don't let moisture compromise the performance of your insulin pumps, choose our adhesiveVENTpads and give your patients the freedom they deserve!

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