adhesiveVENTpads for batteries

Our adhesiveVENTpads improve the perfomance of batteries!

In almost all batteries – including bicycle batteries – microporous filter membranes are used for ventilation and protection against moisture and foreign particles. Our self-adhesiveVENTpads, together with other TRAKETCH membranes, are ideal for these applications.

They also help achieve IP protection ratings and ensure optimum performance and durability. What sets these membranes apart is their bi-directional airflow. They remove heat and moisture from inside the battery while filling it with fresh, moisture-free air. This feature not only prevents overheating, but also extends battery life.

In addition, the TRAKETCH® adhesiveVENTpads are an important safety feature. In the event of a battery defect, they allow gases to escape safely, thus reducing the risk of explosions. Their excellent barrier properties prevent the ingress of moisture, minimizing the risk of dangerous short circuits. By using adhesiveVENTpads from TRAKETCH®, bicycle batteries benefit from improved functionality, increased safety and extended service life.

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